Happy Passover/Pesach and see you in two weeks

I apologise that there has been a hiatus in blog posts over here.

Last week, I missed the post because both my computer and my husbands computer went on strike, catapulting us back into the Iron Age where we were forced to do absurd things like use recipe books and philosophise about what people did while folding laundry before Podcasts.

This week has been overtaken by preparations for Passover or Pesach, one of the most significant Jewish holidays of the year. I have a lot to say about the significance of these days, but every practical, the Torah and the tradition also demands some pretty scrupulous cleaning in the lead up to the holiday (essentially a multi-day search and destroy mission for bread products) and until this is complete I don’t really have time for any of my usual rhetorical flourishings.

The blog will be on Pesach break starting Monday next week. If I do get around to writing some thoughts on Pesach, it will be posted this coming Sunday. If not, look forward to the 21st of April when I will be back with our regularly scheduled post.

For those celebrating, have a wonderful holiday.


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